About GADPPRO Academy


Welcome to the official website of the Academy of the Global Association of Data Protection Professionals promoting the only global best practices based and peer-to-peer reviewed professional trainings available in the market.

Along with the GADPPRO strategic vision 2050, the dedicated Academy of the Association of Data Protection Professionals promotes and facilitates data protection professionalism at individual and company level, based on perspectives and the principles of global and regional principles of privacy, data protection and security, such as the GDPR and UN Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy. GADPPRO belongs to the top tier of fastest growing global associations in the field of privacy, data protection and security.

Data protection professionals across the globe acknowledge Association of Data Protection Professionals for its value proposition as the premier international network for active certified promotion of validated data protection professionalism within the European Economic Area and its relations in global context. 

As part of the ‘GADPPRO Strategic Horizon’ GADPPRO Academy is serving as the institute of choice for many present and future professionals in search of the best practical education and training available as validated by peers with many years of relevant experience.

Students and alumni of the GADPPRO Academy value the way the validated registrations and validations actually is paving the way for future careers in privacy, data protection and security.

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Together with all staff, training entities, students, alumni and other stakeholders, we look very much forward to reach next levels of professional maturity in joint efforts of validated advancements.

Professor drs mr Romeo Kadir

Dean of the GADPPRO Academy

July 2022