Become part of a vibrant community of committed students

Traditionally Privacy Academy (Privacad) has been known for its strong student engagements while offering many students low-barrier opportunities to familiarize themselves with privacy and data protection and gain much demanded practical experience. The Privacad Students Stewards Network (SSN) is a country-based strong base of students and alumni of universities, institutes of applied sciences and colleges. Selected members of the Student Stewards Network India enjoy interesting privileges as an award for succesful networking within their (social media) network.

Who can apply to become a Privacad Student Steward

All students – from whatever discipline or study year – and alumni of universities, institutes of applied sciences and colleges are welcome to apply to become a member of the Privacad Student Steward Network. However, only a limited number of spots are available. Applicants are selected on a first come, first serve basis.

Special career Boost for Privacad Student Stewards

As a Privacad Student Steward you enjoy a few privileges to promote your career boost in one of the most promising sustainable growth field of expertise of this century: privacy and data protection. India is at the edge of launching the ‘fourth global path of privacy and data protection’ leading to estimated job opportunities of at least 2,5 million data protection professionals globally.

What do we expect from Privacad Student Stewards?

As a dedicated Privacad Student Steward we value you to:

  1.  Share all posts of privacad webinars/courses within your social media network, such as:
  2. Attract at least 10 students from your university, institute or college to enroll for free or paid privacad online courses
  3. Willingness to write at least two privacy blogs within the coming 12 months (your time, your pace)
  4. In general, promote all courses and events of privacad and act as an ambassador for the same.

No need to worry, you will be provided with clear directions from the Privacad SSN India team.

Privileges enjoyed as a Privacad Student Stewards

  1. Free access to the EU certified course ‘Introduction to EU-India data protection law – comparative analysis’

  2. Free certificate issued by the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC) for the same course (value is 100 Euro) and Free certificate of registration for the European Register for Data Protection Professionals valid for one year (value is 50 Euro).

  3. Free one-year membership of the Association for Data Protection Professionals in India (ADPPI –

  4. As a member of Privacad Student Stewards Network (SSN) you will be informed with priority in case of job opportunities with privacad or with privacad partners (such as

  5. You will be invited to volunteer engagements to obtain unique practical experience in the field of privacy projects, compliance products and services.

  6. You will get a 10% VIP discount voucher to spend on any privacad privacy course of choice.




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