Protection of your privacy

Privacy Academy (PRIVACAD) values your privacy and considers careful handling of your personal data as its responsibility. Below is an explanation of what data we collect, for what purposes, how we obtain the data, what your rights are and how you can effectuate them.

If you would like more information or have questions about our privacy statement, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of  PRIVACAD via email:


PRIVACAD advises companies and institutions on data protection strategy, policy, legal and operational issues, audits and projects.

PRIVACAD is originates from the Dutch Privacy Academy, established back in 2005 as the first privacy-only training institute in the European Union.

PRIVACAD is conducting, among others, the empowering Training Program for the Registered Data Protection (DPO) from the Association of Data Protection Professionals Europe (ADPPRO).


Below are some definitions of commonly used terms in this statement:

  • Visitor: visitor to our website, who is not necessarily also a client.
  • Client: visitor of the website who requests information from us, participates in one of the offered programs, attends a meeting or concludes an agreement with us and thereby provides us with his details.
  • Personal data: all information regarding a person that can be traced back to that specific person.
  • Processing of personal data: an operation or a set of operations with regard to personal data or a set of personal data, whether or not carried out via automated processes. This may include the collection, recording, updating or modification, consultation, provision and destruction of personal data.
  • Processing of personal data: the processing of personal data for specified, explicitly described and justified purposes.
  • Controller: person or organisation responsible for the processing of personal data. PRIVACAD is the controller for the processing of personal data, as described in this privacy statement.

Data collection

Privacy Academy PRIVACAD collects (personal) data via its website, among other things, when you fill in the contact form, make an information request or register for a meeting, training or education.

Purposes and data processing

Below is indicated for which purpose (s) Privacy Academy PRIVACAD collects your data. Where relevant, a distinction is made between purpose (s) of data processing for visitors and clients. It is also stated on which legal basis the data processing takes place.

Communication means

Privacy Academy PRIVACAD aims to process personal data for communication purpose (s)
to be able to handle requests for information, questions or comments based on the information you provide to us. Privacy Academy PRIVACAD processes this data on the basis of a legitimate interest. If you contact us, you can use our contact form, which processes the following data:

  • Name
  • Company nam
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Message

After your request has been processed, the personal data will be deleted, unless this data is necessary to implement an agreement that you enter into with us or in case you invoke your legal right not to be contacted by Privacy Academy PRIVACAD anymore. Privacy Academy PRIVACAD may also process these with your consent for marketing activities aimed at establishing a direct relationship with you as a visitor or client, or maintaining a direct relationship with you as a visitor or client.

In addition, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD aims to establish communication via the internet. We register an IP address for this purpose. An IP address is an Internet Protocol address that points to a unique destination on the Internet. This may mean that in some cases it can be traced directly to the visitor’s computer. This information is essential to send the pages via the internet to the correct computer.

Administrative goals

If you register for a course, training or meeting, your data will only be processed, subject to legal obligations, for the processing of your request and / or to implement the agreement you enter into with us. These data can also be used to calculate and record financial data for the purpose of invoicing products and / or services purchased by you, to handle disputes and to perform audits. Privacy Academy PRIVACAD processes your data in this way on the basis of a legitimate interest, performance of the agreement or on the basis of a legal obligation that rests on it. The following data is processed for administrative purposes:

Registration form for training business clients:

  • Contact and communication data organization (including e-mail address for billing purposes);
  • Contact and communication details contact person organization (including e-mail address);
  • Contact and communication details participant (s) including e-mail address;
  • Billing information, including payment method.

Registration form for private client training courses:

  • Contact details participants;
  • Communication data participant (s) including e-mail address;
  • Billing information, including payment method.

Registration form brochures:

  • Contact and communication data including email address.

Registration form events:

  • Contact and communication data including email address.

Registration form for fact sheet, whitepapers etc.

  • Contact details including email address.

These data will only be processed by Privacy Academy PRIVACAD for the above-mentioned purposes. The personal data provided will be stored by Privacy Academy PRIVACAD to comply with your request, during the term of the agreement and / or as long as Privacy Academy PRIVACAD is legally obliged to do so. Privacy Academy PRIVACAD Associates does not store your data longer than necessary.

Personal data that is processed when registering for a study program will be stored for the period that you continue with the registration. These personal data are destroyed 2 years after your last activity at Privacy Academy PRIVACAD, for example logging into the e-learning environment of Privacy Academy PRIVACAD.

If you receive a diploma or certificate for successfully completing a course, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD will keep your diploma or certificate for 15 years.

Origin of data

The data that Privacy Academy PRIVACAD processes is obtained from visitors and clients, which they provide themselves via or related websites. In addition, the IP address is recognized by our server. This technical processing is only important to enable communication. The data will therefore be deleted immediately after the session has ended.

Provision of data

Privacy Academy PRIVACAD will not provide your information to any other party, except if and to the extent required by law. The data will only be used for the purposes described in this privacy statement.

Rights of visitors and our clients

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides you as a visitor or as a client of Privacy Academy PRIVACAD Associates a number of rights that you can invoke. In principle, everyone must have the opportunity to check whether data about him or her is being processed. He must be able to inform himself of data processing without excessive costs. At the request of the visitor and / or client, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD will provide a complete overview of the processed data about the applicant, the purpose of the processing as well as the origin of the data. Within one month of the request, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD Associates will notify the visitor or client in writing of what data is being processed, for what purposes this data is processed and where this data comes from, to whom it is provided and for what purposes.

The visitor or the client also has the right, by means of a request addressed to the contact person, to correct, supplement, delete or block the personal data concerning him (right to rectification and erasure, right to restriction). He can make this request if the data are factually incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant for the purposes of the processing or are processed in violation of the law. An objection can also be lodged against data processing and the visitor has the right to transfer data to another organization (right to data portability), insofar as the processing is based on consent or performance of the agreement concluded with Privacy Academy PRIVACAD.

As a data subject, you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA).

If you, as a visitor or client, are of the opinion that Privacy Academy PRIVACAD is handling your personal data in a careless manner or in violation of its privacy statement or relevant legislation, we kindly request you contact us at


Persons acting under the authority of Privacy Academy PRIVACAD and those who have access to personal data are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of which they become aware, except to the extent that they are required by law or regulation to disclose.


Privacy Academy PRIVACAD engages third parties for certain activities. Insofar as these third parties have access to personal data in the performance of the relevant services, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD has taken the required contractual and organizational measures to ensure that your personal data is processed exclusively for the above purposes. Only if Privacy Academy PRIVACAD is legally obliged to do so, personal data will be provided to regulators, tax authorities and investigative authorities.

The personal data is treated in strict confidence and Privacy Academy PRIVACAD has taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures against loss or unlawful processing of this data. To this end, Privacy Academy PRIVACAD uses multiple security techniques, including secure servers, firewalls as well as physical security of areas where data is stored.


Privacy Academy PRIVACAD reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Privacy Academy PRIVACAD will announce important changes in the processing of your data or in our privacy statement via its website and other communication channels it uses.

Any Queries?

If, after reading this privacy statement, you still have questions about the protection of your personal data or if you wish to invoke one of your rights, please feel free to contact us in writing or by e-mail:

Privacy Academy PRIVACAD
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