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Unique course, instructed by Top EU Expert, made available for larger audience at affordable cost (commercial EU value of this course is € 3,500 ex VAT). In this resourceful course, beginners in the fields of privacy and data protection will learn the foundations of privacy and data protection compliance key concepts and the 6 components of a basic GDPR work plan in plain English for career boosting and personal development. With this course, students can opt for official EU certification and registration.

Why this course?

Competition in today’s job market is fierce. Regardless of the industry, those who can clearly and immediately illustrate their knowledge and expertise will have a distinct advantage over other potential job applicants. In the field of European Data Protection, nothing shows your qualifications better than official EU certification sought by top employers.

Secure your place in the data protection economy. Show off your knowledge and skills by adding an official certificate to your CV. Everybody on this planet is directly or indirectly connected to subjects of privacy and data protection and needs to know the foundations of data protection in our modern digital society.

There is an ever growing internationally recognized demand and need for employees of companies (data controllers) to know at least the basics of privacy and data protection and the meaning of this in daily practices. This applies for everyone, not only in his/her role as an employee, but also as a ‘citizen’ and as a private individual (parent, child). The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be explained from a practical lens of the data controller who needs to implement appropriate measures to protect personal data. The GDPR is influential for data protection practices around the globe.

Based on more than 25+ years of practical experience as a data protection professional (as business manager and lawyer), the instructor – who has been involved in many European initiatives in the field – will guide you through the main pillars of the GDPR (at introductory level 1) which will help to boost your insights, right from the start.

This course is hosted by Udemy: please use this link for course details.  


Optional EU Certification & Registration

After completion of this Udemy course students can immediately opt for an additional EU certificate issued by the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC), without taking any other courses or additional exams.

EIPACC is an acknowledged private institute for excellence based in the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands where it is officially registered.  EIPACC is sponsor of the ‘professorship’ of the instructor of this course who has been appointed as EIPACC Professor of European data protection law in international perspective.

With respect to EU Certification

Students who have finished this Udemy course can opt for a digital certificate signed by the instructor who is also President of  EIPACC. Udemy graduates of this course only pay a standard one-time admin fee of € (100 (ex VAT).

Added value of this EIPACC issued certificate for students is that with this certificate they can avail of a ‘testimony’ issued by independent top EU GDPR experts of EIPACC that the specified student actually has acquired a GDPR comprehension course as per the requirements of a specific EDPB Guidelines.

With respect to EU Registration

Registration in the European Data Protection Professionals Register (EDPR) maintained by EIPACC. Standard annual admin costs are € (50 (ex VAT).

Added value of this EDPR registration is that anyone – in most cases future employers or integrity officers acting on behalf of them – can verify and check with EIPACC whether or not the student successfully (evidence based) has acquired GDPR knowledge and skills as per formally approved EU GDPR certification schemes.

Course Features

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