12 Professional Training Tracks in Indian Privacy & Data Protection 

Based on decades of experiences in practical education and training of privacy professionals around the globe, Privacy Academy is offering twelve professional training tracks in Indian privacy and data protection laws catering the need for a solid training for professionals willing to boost their careers in these respective fields which are often cited as the most promising industries of the century.


Boost your career as Certified Indian Data Protection Professional 

Significant business scenarios are in making while anticipating the long awaited entry into force of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of the Republic of India. Sound, proper and compliant implementation of this groundbreaking legislation would need an ‘army’ of educated data protection professionals in the field of EU-INDIA data protection as any organization in India will be searching for ‘applicable expertise’ across many sectors such as Outsourcing, Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce, Telecom, Health, Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Life Sciences and many more.

Likewise, many non-Indian companies doing business in India will be in need of an Indian Data Protection Expert, located in the Indian Continent.

Future employers are faced with a myriad of privacy and data protection challenges. The Registered Certified Data Protection Professional (RDPP) is a much sought after professional positioned at the ‘center of privacy management operations’ of any organization or business who can decode the privacy and data protection rubric.


Registered Indian Data Protection Professional (RIDPP)

12 Certified Basic Courses in Indian Data Protection

Any journey as Indian Privacy & Data Protection Professional starts with a solid basic training. Exactly this is provided during a unique training to become a Registered Data Protection Professional in India. Thanks to a unique comparison with the global leading data protection laws in Europe, this program is awarded with the EU registered EIPACC RIDPP Certificate issued by both Privacad India and the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance & Certification.  

During this training program of twelve (12) consecutive courses  you will be fully prepared by top experts in the field of privacy and data protection to take up any legal  and operational management challenge as a Registered Indian Data Protection Professional.

This basic training program is an excellent way of getting introduced to Indian Privacy & Data Protection Law whether you are active outside India or whether you are active in India and interested in getting a solid training in Indian Privacy & Data Protection Law.









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